Why I'm Running

As a Democrat and engaged community advocate, I am running to put service back into public servant. I will fight for our well-being, our planet and our children. Together, we will build a brighter future.

It's time to Elect Eileen June 9th!

What's your plan for June 9th?

Let’s make a voting plan to Elect Eileen Dougherty for SC House District 115. For House Seat 115, we have two primaries, so you will vote TWICE on June 9th.

Two Primaries? Yes, For House District 115 we have a General Election Primary and Special Election Primary on the same date. If you plan to vote absentee, you will need to request TWO absentee ballots.

Why are there two primaries on the same date?

When Representative McCoy stepped down in March, this triggered a special election for District 115.

That’s confusing, can you just tell me the dates I need to vote for you?

Yes, you will vote twice on June 9th, August 11 (special election to serve for the remainder of 2020), November 3 (general election to serve 2021-2023).

Got it - TWO Democratic Primaries on June 9th, how do I vote?

First, check your voter registration. To vote in the June 9th primaries, you'll want make sure everything looks right.

Check my Voter Registration

Second, decide now whether you will vote by absentee or in-person ballots. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the SC legislature just added "State of Emergency" as one of the absentee voting excuses (#18). This means if you are concerned about in-person voting and COVID-19, you now have a legal excuse. We strongly encourage all voters to vote via absentee ballots. If you vote in person we highly suggest wearing a mask.

How do I request an absentee ballot application?

To absentee vote in the June 9th primaries you will need to request TWO ballots for SC House District 115 - a general election ballot and a special election ballot.

Voting absentee is a two-step process: 1) fill out, print, sign, date and return TWO ballot applications to the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration and Elections then, 2) when you get your ballots from the Board of Elections, cast your vote and return your ballots as instructed.

You can request your application online at SCVOTES.ORG by: phone -(843) 744-8683, email - absentee@charlestoncounty.org, fax, mail: PO Box 71419, North Charleston, SC 29415 or in-person: 4367 Headquarters Rd (off Leeds Ave) North Charleston, SC 29405

*You’ll need to indicate that you’ll be voting in the Democratic primaries.

Ready to Vote for Eileen?

What is the reason you are voting Absentee?

To vote absentee, you'll choose one of eighteen criteria which include reasons like, "I'll be at work, I'm over 65, I'll be on vacation, I'm physically disabled (which includes illness and injury)" and the newly added, "state of emergency". Again, the "state of emergency" applies to COVID-19 concerns and in-person voting.

Click Here for the Complete List

I want to vote in person, where do I go?

Always double check your polling location before heading out to vote. For the June 9th primaries, there are 11 in-person voting locations.

Double Check Your Polling Location

*We have done our absolute best to provide you with helpful and factual information. Have additional questions? Please contact the Charleston Board of Elections at 843-744-8683.